Chris Hankin - Flute

Award-Winning Students


Online lessons are now available via Zoom. Please contact me for details.

Chris is a very experienced teacher. She started this aspect of her work at university and hasn't stopped! Currently she is Lead Tutor in Woodwind at the London College of Music. In her role as head of the department she not only teaches the flute but also looks after all aspects of wind student performance studies. She runs weekly performance classes and sectional rehearsals and generally keeps everyone on track. She is very skilled at preparing them for careers involving their instrument but which might not necessarily be entirely performance-orientated.

Appointed flute specialist to the Central Band of the RAF in 2002, Chris helps the players there further their professional development through solo performance. Her work takes the form of a sharing of ideas with these already extremely able players as they prepare for their diplomas, and the advice she gives helps them to maintain flexibility in a demanding job. For this reason she is popular with flute players from the Army too and many come to study with her on the Work-Based Learning course at LCM.

Chris with pupil
Chris Hankin teaching

Chris also runs her own private teaching practice at home. Local pupils from beginner to diploma level benefit from her expertise, and students from all over Europe come to advance their skills. Non-specialist woodwind teachers from around the country benefit from her advice on playing and teaching the flute, an area which has increased in importance over recent years.

Chris is also experienced teacher of adults, especially those who wish to return to the flute after a long break, Individual lessons are arranged on a flexible basis to accommodate the working and family commitments of her students and her teaching is supplemented by the regular Adult Flute Days that are run in conjunction with Just Flutes in Croydon. She also in charge of Ealing Flutes, an adult flute ensemble which meets once a month. This is a mixed ability group which gives an annual stress-free concert and has a lot of fun!

Chris is a currently a diploma examiner for ABRSM and a highly respected adjudicator at Music Festivals around the country.